Foster parenting provides rewards like nothing else. Watch these videos to see the impact foster care makes on the lives of the foster children…and the foster parents.

The Bishops

The Bishops answered the call to become foster parents, and their journey is truly inspiring.

The Herndons

The amazing story of a HopeTree resident who longed for a ‘forever family’ that would love him and the young married couple who made his dream come true.

The Eagans

Mark and Diana represent the ultimate blending of families; his children from a previous marriage, her children from a previous marriage, foster children they adopted, and a child of their own. And they continue to take in foster children.

The Powers

Jimmy and Norma have provided foster care for over 40 years. They personify the love and dedication to turn tragic beginnings into successful lives.

From our parents:

“To see the progress he has made in a year in terms of socially, emotionally, even physically, is very rewarding. We are so blessed daily by him being in our house. To see him and my husband having their father-son moments is just priceless.”
“It’s wonderful to be a father for these kids who have never had one. And that’s what I want to be; a father to these kids. I’m trying to give them a good life and be a family for them. Sooner or later, they’re going to be out on their own and they’ll need a family.”
“It’s a long haul. You’re not going to fix the problem in a couple of days. But once… they start blossoming, there is no better feeling.”